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How it all began...

Beauty Box was born on a sunny Doha day at the Pearl, where longtime friends Norma & Maya were having lunch...Both ladies have been clients of local beauty establishments for many years and through their love of the industry and combined business experience wanted to create something new and fresh in Doha. By the end of lunch, a concept was decided... and the journey began...


Both Norma & Maya wanted Beauty Box to stand for quality & customer satisfaction with a dash of fashion & current trends topped off with a funky modern environment.

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A new concept on the Doha Beauty scene, Beauty Box is an express salon tailored to cater to client’s busy lifestyles and time limitations. Beauty Box wants to take advantage of two trends, the popularity of smooth-looking hair, rather than curly or frizzy locks, and the rising number of women who want a quick salon service rather than an extended beauty parlor visit. With this in mind, they curated a selection of hair services that caters to every woman’s hair needs & provides instant results.


Clients are encouraged to come in during a coffee break, before a work meeting, leaving the gym, for a special occasion or just to start the week off right. Only have 30 minutes to spare, let Beauty Box change your look. This new concept aims to strike a balance with its discerning client base between quality, quick and affordable services offered on its menu.


Beauty Box aims to be a leader in the Doha beauty market, with its commitment to continued staff education and providing clients with the latest in express hair/nail/beauty treatments.


Step into the clean, fresh, and funky salon to grab your breath, catch up on your maintenance or you just fancy a change, Beauty Box won’t disappoint!

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