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Eyelash Implants



iBeauty Facial Treatmens

iBeauty® Visual

iBeauty® Skin Purity Reviver

  • A treatment that uses modern iBeauty equipment to provide an intensive cleansing and smoothing treatment

  • Perfect for blemished skin with blackheads; especially recommended for oily and combination skin

  • This treatment improves the hydration & quality of the skin and regulates the skin’s sebaceous glands

🕖 30 Min

500 QR

🕖 45 Min

600 QR

iBeauty® Youth Activator

  • A treatment that uses modern iBeauty equipment to provide an intensive cleansing and smoothing treatment

  • A treatment for all skin types especially recommended for tired, dehydrated, and dull skin

  • It improves hydration, elasticity and oxygenation of the skin and prevents the appearance of discoloration

iBeauty® Hydration Corrector

  • A treatment that uses modern iBeauty equipment to provide an intensive cleansing and smoothing treatment

  • Designed for all skin types, especially recommended for tired, dehydrated & dull skin

  • This treatment improves hydration, elasticity and oxygenation of the skin

🕖45 Min

750 QR

iBeauty® Anti-Aging Activator

  • A treatment that uses modern iBeauty equipment to provide an intensive cleansing and smoothing treatment

  • Recommended for all skin types with pronounced wrinkles and loss of firmness

  • An effective treatment to visibly reduce wrinkles, resulting in skin that looks lifted & a firmed and reshaped face from the very first session

🕖 45 Min

850 QR

iBeauty® Skin Purity Reviver - ADD ON

  • This can be added on to any facial for a healthier and brighter complexion

  • The skin is deeply cleansed of impurities with sound vibrations and ultrasound technologies

🕖 15 Min

250 QR

iBeauty® Anti-Aging Activator - ADD ON

  • This can be added to any anti-aging facial for an immediate lifting effect

  • This add-on treatment stimulates, firms up, and reshapes the skin with radio frequency

🕖 15 Min

300 QR

Skeyndor Facials

Algae Mask Facial 

  • Moisturizes & soothes the skin, slows down aging and neutralizes free radicals

  • Infused with Seaweed, Aloe, Polyphenols, Minerals and Vitamins

  • ​For all skin types

🕖 60 Min

350 QR

🕖 60 Min

450 QR

Vitamin C

  • Brightens & reduces photoaging for visibly younger skin

  • Contains antioxidants and super fruits extracts that boost collagen production

  • Treats inflammatory skin conditions such as acne, scars, stretch marks & sunburns

Oxygen Facial​

  • Evens out the skin, reduces wrinkles, stimulates collagen production & minimizes pores

  • Provides oxygen with copper peptides and probiotics to create a layer of protection over the skin

🕖 60 Min

500 QR

New Corrective Facial​

  • The ultimate non-invasive treatment for deep wrinkles and expression lines

  • Utilizes encapsulated Hyaluronic Acid & Peptides to plump and lift the skin, along with skin exfoliation via Tripeptides

🕖 75 Min

600 QR


Thalgo Skin Solutions

Eye Bar - Facial (Add On)​

  • ​​For wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles

🕖 15 Min

75 QR

Eye Bar - Pedi Chair (Stand Alone)

🕖 30 Min

165 QR

Hyaluronique Eye Patch (Add-On)

  • ​For wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles

🕖 10 Min

50 QR

Illuminating Radiance - Express Facial (Pedi Chair)

  • For dull and tired skin, special occasions, professional makeup

  • Skin is smooth, detoxified, fresh and rosy without signs of fatigue

🕖 30 Min

220 QR

Purete Marine​ (Combination to Oily Skin)

  • For combination skin, oily and acne

  • Regulates the sebum production and matte finish, minimizes enlarged pores and prevents the proliferation of bacteria

🕖 60 Min

380 QR

Hydra Marine​ (Dehydrated Skin)

  • For dehydrated and dull skin.

  • Infuses water in layers of epidermis, regenerates, reserves the water through the synthesis of hyaluronic acid.

🕖 60 Min

380 QR

Cold Marine​ (Dry & Sensitive Skin)

  • For uneven complexion, dry and sensitive skin

  • Effectively repairs, protects and lipid-replenishes dryness and sensitivity, reduces discomfort, redness and burning, evens complexion and dilated vessels are visibly reduced

🕖 60 Min

380 QR

Spirulina Detox Booster

  • Treat your skin to a detoxifying spiruline & marine magnesium facial that gets rid of heavy metals caused urban pollution, stress & fatigue

  • For all ages & skin type

🕖 60 Min

475 QR

Brightening Facial​

  • For light pigmentation, discoloration, dark age spots, sun pigmentation, acne hyper-pigmentation, uneven skin tone

  • Uniforms the skin tone, regulates the production of pigment (melanin), lifts the pigment out of the skin and helps cell turnover the upper layer to exfoliate away

  • Whitening effect

🕖 60 Min

575 QR

Anti-Aging Rituals by Thalgo

Thalgo Anti Aging Collagen Facial​

  • For first fine lines and wrinkles

  • Instantly and visibly fades first wrinkles and relaxes facial features

  • Age 25 - 35

  • Tightening effect

🕖 60 Min

525 QR

Thalgo Super Lifting Silicium Facial

  • For sagging skin, loss of firmness and pronounced wrinkles

  • With double source of bioavailable Silicium

  • Natural lifting, corrects all wrinkles, maintains facial contours, reorganizes and restructures the dermis, volume restoration and maintenance

  • Age 45+

  • Lifting effect

🕖 75 Min

600 QR

Exceptional Facial (Age Reverse)​

  • For Mature skin & physiological ageing

  • Corrects deep wrinkles, sagging skin, drooping eyes, brightens the age spots

  • Skin is plumped, contoured, resculpted and cheekbones lifted

  • Age 50+

  • Comprehensive action on all signs of loss of youth and density in face, neck, décolleté and hands

🕖 75 Min

625 QR


eyelash extensions

Lash Extensions

Classic Lash Extensions - Rebalance (2 Weeks)

🕖 50 Min

200 QR

Classic Lash Extensions - Rebalance (3 Weeks)

🕖 60 Min

250 QR

Classic Lash Extensions - New Set

🕖 120 Min

495 QR

Natural Volume Lash Extensions - Rebalance (2 Weeks)

🕖 60 Min

250 QR

Natural Volume Lash Extensions - Rebalance (3 Weeks)

🕖 75 Min

300 QR

Natural Volume Lash Extension - New Set

🕖 150 Min

600 QR

Dramatic Volume Lash Extensions - Rebalance (2 Weeks)

🕖 75 Min

300 QR

Dramatic Volume Lash Extensions - Rebalance (3 Weeks)

🕖 90 Min

350 QR

Dramatic Volume Lash Extensions -

New Set

🕖 180 Min

750 QR

Lash Extension Removal

🕖 45 Min

100 QR


 Brow Lamination & Lash Lift with Tint

Brow / Lash Tint

🕖 30 Min

90 QR

Brow + Lash Tint (Combo)

🕖 45 Min

150 QR

Brow Lamination

🕖 75 Min

350 QR

Lash Lifting

🕖 75 Min

300 QR

Lifting + Brow Lamination (Combo)

🕖 90 Min

600 QR


Praised by beauty professionals and adopted by thousands of women, their face products reveal the original beauty of the skin: Skin Solutions, providing corrective beauty results, and more scientific, but still sensorial, Anti-ageing products, combining innovation and results...
For every woman Thalgo provides the answer to beautiful skin !

  • Visible & Lasting Results

  • The DNA of Safe Beauty

  • From the heart of the ocean

  • All natural ingredients

  • 60+ mineral salts, vitamins, fatty acids, glucids, amino acids, proteins

  • Direct from the ocean, Sieve water, macro & micro algae, marine microorganisms, and sediments


Our Guarantee

Here at Beauty Box, we are committed to providing the highest level of service to our clients by offering a guarantee policy of up to

​​​7 days for Eyelash Extensions

NOTE: Fixing should be done within 48 hours of the request. We will make every effort to correct any service that you are dissatisfied with. Kindly let us know immediately. 

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